Hotel tip in Samara

A hotel tip in Samara is something you are looking for? We haven which is probably the chilliest hotel in Costa Rica:

Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo – Lodge next to a nature reserve

Our hotel tip Samara is far away from everything, but in the middle of it all. Hustle and bustle, noise, traffic and hectic are so far away here as perhaps nowhere else in the world. But you are in the middle of an idyllic animal world, which you can watch from the pool or the hammock.

Relaxed atmosphere, original hotel design and lots of nature await you in the Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo, as well as cosy rooms, bombastic cocktails and delicious organic dishes.

The latest additions are here: Bulletproof Coffee offered. The coffee for more power and focus.

After a 10 minute walk you are already at Playa Buena Vista. Probably the chilliest hotel in Costa Rica.

To have as little effect as possible on the local nature or to possibly harm it.

The special thing about this Costa Rica accommodation is among others:

1. Away from the noise in the middle of a nature reserve.

2. Natural Beach Buena Vista.

3. Nature roads (off-road) with many animals.

4. Restaurant with natural and organic food.

5. German management.

6. Individual rooms and apartments.

7. Cool atmosphere, never overcrowded.

8. Natural and friendly staff.

9. 70% regular guests and guests who have become friends.

10. Animals everywhere you look around.

11. Regular music evenings to join in or simply to listen to.

12. New: Offers organic nutrition (greatly reduced sugar).

13. New: Salmon with spinach in avocado sauce.

14. Supports environmental protection and sustainability … to do without plastic.

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