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Costa Rica Samara

Costa Rica Internship 2023 at the Open Mind Lodge

Paraiso Cocodrilo was an exciting adventure.

For me as a student, an internship abroad is the perfect opportunity to experience a country cheaply and authentically. While searching for a suitable position, I came across the Paraiso de Cocodrilo Lodge in Costa Rica and was immediately thrilled. By communicating directly with the hotel, you avoid the fees of agencies that offer hotel internships.

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In addition, you have contact with the owner from the beginning and can plan your stay very quickly and straightforward. Also, the varied activities from service to online marketing appealed to me.

For me, Costa Rica combines diverse, beautiful nature and a colorful culture and has therefore been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. Experiencing Costa Rica authentically through an internship is a great opportunity for young people.

Costa Rica Internship 2023
The Tropical Garden of the Jungle Lodge

Costa Rica Internship 2023 at the beach

After a few phone calls I got the final confirmation in January to start in March. The flights were booked quickly. I chose a one-way ticket because I wanted to leave the duration of my stay open. The flexibility is another great advantage of the internship at the jungle lodge. I was very excited for my adventure in Costa Rica and Rainer was a good contact during the planning.

Internship 2023 – From the cold big city to the tropical paradise

I packed my backpack only the day before the flight and decided to pack quite little. From Berlin I took the first flight to Spain and from there to the capital San Josè. Unexpectedly, the journey went totally smoothly. Every flight was on time, immigration took only 5 minutes and my luggage didn’t get lost either. My plan was to stay one night in San Josè and take the public bus to Samara the next day. Spontaneously, however, I decided together with the cab driver who was supposed to take me to the hostel, to drive directly to the hotel on the Pacific coast.

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By car the trip takes about 5 hours, the bus stops at many more stations and would probably take about 8 hours. I finally arrived at my destination late in the evening after a long day and was greeted by Rainer. My room has its own bathroom, a comfortable bed, a closet and desk and thus everything I need. The property has a real jungle feeling and the large pool completes the beautiful hotel. A place where you can feel absolutely comfortable! Experience a different kind of internship in Costa Rica, relax, learn the language and gain experience.

A day in the jungle lodge – hotel internship

My knowledge of Spanish from school is rusty and limited anyway, so I practice a lot with my colleagues. The team is small but nice and there is always a positive atmosphere. My daily tasks include opening the restaurant for breakfast time and serving the international guests. Afterwards, some updates are made to the websites. In the first days we did a lot of errands in different cities like Nosara, Samara and Nicoya, through this I already saw a lot of Guancaste after one week.

Also, the daily walk on the beach with Rainer and his dogs is part of my day. In the evening I help again in the restaurant. Here mainly organic local cuisine is offered. After Easter the main season is over and there is more time for the website and online marketing. The tasks therefore always fluctuate a bit with the occupancy of the hotel and the restaurant.

More exciting insights from the Costa Rica Internship in the Paraiso de Cocodrilo Lodge.

My Costa Rica Internship 2023 Report in German

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Wie die Zeit vergeht – Hotel Praktikum Costa Rica

Hotel Praktikum Costa Rica Strand

Kleiner Bericht über mein Costa Rica Praktikum im Paradies

Warum denn genau nach Costa Rica? Eine Frage, die mir im Laufe meines Hotel Praktikum Costa Rica sehr häufig gestellt wurde. Meine Antwort fiel immer gleich aus: eigentlich war es Zufall.

Aber jetzt, nachdem ich gut 4 Monate in Costa Rica gearbeitet und gewohnt habe, kann ich sagen, dass es ein schöner Zufall war. Was folgt ist ein kleiner Bericht über meine Zeit im Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo an der Playa Buena Vista.

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